Educator TradeCraft

Educator TradeCraft™ is a model developed by Corven to help workplace trainers identify strengths and aspects of their learning and teaching practice to develop, and why. 
TradeCraft refers to an educator's personal approach to faciliating learning in others. It includes the topics, tales, tools, and techniques educators favour above all others, coupled with the beliefs they have about what good learning looks like and how individuals learn. Educator TradeCraft forms the foundation of professional reputation as an excellent educator.
The model has developed from over 20-years of designing and delivering training, and studying and researching adult learning, workplace training, and professional development.
Educator TradeCraft™ encourages educators to constantly strive to master their practice across two broad elements. Firstly, the trade of adult learning in the workplace ― theories and practices and how education is packaged, delivered, and measured. Secondly, the craft of leading learning in others ― how educator performance and preferences significantly impacts learning outcomes.   
Corven conducts audits, workshops, and presentations on the Educator TradeCraft™ model.