Corven conducts industry-centered research that aims to inform positive shifts in educational practice.  

We intiatied and undertook a significant program of work from 2009 to 2011 to investigate key issues facing education and training in the Australian franchise sector. A series of national roundtables, interviews, and online surveys were conducted with over 1,300 participants and resulted in three Insight Reports. Each report presents quantitative data and stories from participants, identifies what the problems are and why they could be occurring, and sets out opportunities for better practice.

Into the Fold: What are the issues impacting effective new franchisee preparation?

This study defined 'effective new franchisee preparation’ and explored the factors that support and restrict its achievement. The report calls for better standards of practice in franchise recruitment, the need for credible advice from service providers, and the potential for national formal education initiatives for prospective franchisees | download Executive Summary

Lessons in Learning: What are the challenges of delivering training in franchise systems?

This study identified three key opporutunities to improve training provided by franchisors  the need to advance the purpose and curriculum for induction and ongoing franchisee training, how to position training strategically within the franchise operation, and why franchisee training should be championed as an investment in success | download Executive Summary

Pre-entry franchise education: Panacea or placebo?

This study recommends and outlines a formal pre-entry franchise education program designed by existing franchisees for prospective franchisees. It explores the potential for mandatory pre-entry education and the need to better navigate sector-wide propaganda in education and recruitment practices  download Executive Summary