Corven helps organisations achieve more from their workplace training and professional development programs. 

We work with:

— Peak bodies and Not for Profits, to be premier communities of practice.  
— Corporates, to better facilitate workplace learning and professional development.  
— Teachers and trainers, to increase their craft and expertise as educators. 

Drawing on theory, research and experience, we provide insight on how people learn for, and at, work.

Our consulting services include:

— Facilitating the development of education strategy.
— Advising the application of adult learning and workplace training concepts. 
— Identifying opportunities to improve learning design and delivery.
— Establishing measures for quality assurance, trainer capability and participant satisfaction. 
— Creating cycles of evaluation for programs, resources, and trainer capability. 
— Conducting professional development for trainers and facilitators.

What's with the feather?

Our approach to the work we do has been inspired by crows.

Known for their remarkable intelligence, crows are celebrated for their memory and being harbingers of information. They have been found to be adept translators, communicating and sharing their knowledge with other bird species. Crows are highly adaptable and fearless. Cautious at first, they evaluate the environment around them and only act when it is safe to do so.

We draw on these characteristics when working with our clients, ensuring the best practical approach is used for both immediate impact and long-term results. 

Corven is a derrivative of corvus, Latin for the crow family.